Letting Go

“Autumn shows how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Unknown

Full moon

Last night’s full moon showered us with light during our meditation in a park perched over the ocean. We listened to waves roll into shore as our guide gave blessings to Earth wishing peace for all beings.

I joined this full moon meditation a few times before. September was the first night we were outside in the dark.  As we walked to the park I wondered, “would the grass be wet, would there be bugs or dog poo?”  Last night, a sea lion kept barking.  I worried if it was ok since we have a marine mammal rescue center in town.  Each time I reminded myself to just let it go.

Earlier this month we enjoyed a blissful vacation in Maui. Hawaii is one of my favorite places to be because it’s the epitome of exhaling and letting go.  The literal meaning of Aloha is “the presence of breath” or the “breath of life.”  The beautiful scenery, rainbows and spirit of the islands capture your breath.  Worries and stress simply melt away.


These experiences remind me to worry less, meditate more and appreciate autumn’s life lessons.

Click here for the Planetary Meditation for Peace

Touching Hearts

It’s not the things we get but the hearts we touch that will determine our success in life.” – Mac Anderson

Touching Hearts

When we share our personal stories with others, telling them our challenges and also what keeps us positive and strong, it lifts spirits. Recently this happened with two women I met.

One woman told me she came alone to America from Equador when she was twenty-one. She became a Nanny, learned English then received certification for massage therapy and Reiki.  We talked about meditation, saints, and healing. I asked her if she heard of the Meditation on Twin Hearts with Master Choa where he honors saints, Mother Earth and sends blessings to all beings.  I literally saw her face light up. She told me she felt sad lately and I was an angel sent to lift her sadness.

The other young woman was from Vietnam. She asked me if I had children, then told me about her struggles with the possibility of not having children.  “Do you think it’s ok to not have children?” Absolutely, I told her. I don’t have children and neither do many of my friends.  We’re fortunate today to not be pressured or expected to raise a family.

Both expressed sadness but then we talked about things that pick us up – music, dancing, learning new things, meditation, keeping a positive spirit, connecting with like-minded people. I left them feeling lighter myself knowing what a difference we can make when we touch hearts.



Healing Energy of Singing Bowls

Do you know that our soul is composed of  harmony.” – Leonardo da Vinci, Notebooks

Sounds sing to me today. This morning, I thought I heard a bell ringing at construction next door.  Metal clanging sounded melodic.  Walking back to my car after Pilates, wind chimes drew me into their deep tone.  At the studio, I meditated to music with Tibetan Singing bowls.  I could feel their vibration radiating throughout my body. The hypnotic effect pulled me into a peaceful meditation.  Tibetan singing bowl

There’s actually a reason for this effect and why singing bowls are used for healing. In eastern cultures, illness is thought of as a manifestation of disharmony within the body.  Sound and vibration bring a deep sense of peace, releasing tension and blocked energy, balancing chakras / energy centers in the body helping restore harmony. The vibrational effect of gongs and singing bowls comes from a natural phenomenon known as entrainment – entraining or synchronizing the body to a certain sound. Entrainment occurs when powerful vibrations of one object actually change less powerful vibrations of another object.

If you’re ready to feel healing energy from these singing bowls, sit in a comfortable position, take a few breaths in releasing each one fully, and enjoy this 20 minute peaceful meditation.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXcw1VXlRRE

Read more about the Science Behind Healing with Sound in this interesting article:http://spiritualityhealth.com/articles/science-behind-healing-sound




Simple Pleasures


“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” – Emma Goldman

My spark of inspiration today is from the warmth of friends we visited this past weekend in Virginia.  With roots in Columbia and Venezuela, their lives are enmeshed in the cultural tradition of strong family connections.   Their three daughters are kind-hearted and gentle spirits who enjoy doing yoga and meditation with their Mom.  Although we haven’t seen them much over the years, we are their extended family. When the youngest asked her Dad, “What are you doing Papá?” he replied, we’re sitting outside talking with our friends.”   She corrected him and stated, “You mean our friends.”

We were all able to let go of life’s hustle-bustle and relax for three days.  We stayed up late and slept in even later.   We feasted on eggplant and zucchini lasagna, chilaquiles, and tortes made together at home, then dined by the river side in the shade of willowy trees.  I helped make granola for the first time and later smiled watching the girls bake cookies while singing a Venezuelan love song.   Walking around the neighborhood, we kept track of the number of squirrels, birds, butterflies, dogs, and different states license plates.  At the park, I ran for the swing and floated high in the sky as if I were a little girl again. We jiggled on the wobble ride to the Beach Boys’ Fun, fun, fun song.  We meditated, contemplated new opportunities, and focused on the importance of mindfulness. It was refreshing to just enjoy simple pleasures of life.