Letting Go

“Autumn shows how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Unknown

Full moon

Last night’s full moon showered us with light during our meditation in a park perched over the ocean. We listened to waves roll into shore as our guide gave blessings to Earth wishing peace for all beings.

I joined this full moon meditation a few times before. September was the first night we were outside in the dark.  As we walked to the park I wondered, “would the grass be wet, would there be bugs or dog poo?”  Last night, a sea lion kept barking.  I worried if it was ok since we have a marine mammal rescue center in town.  Each time I reminded myself to just let it go.

Earlier this month we enjoyed a blissful vacation in Maui. Hawaii is one of my favorite places to be because it’s the epitome of exhaling and letting go.  The literal meaning of Aloha is “the presence of breath” or the “breath of life.”  The beautiful scenery, rainbows and spirit of the islands capture your breath.  Worries and stress simply melt away.


These experiences remind me to worry less, meditate more and appreciate autumn’s life lessons.

Click here for the Planetary Meditation for Peace

6 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. You’re my hero. I’m still holding on to “it.” BUT, I am going to Paris next week with a friend for about 5 days. My first trip there, AND my first international trip since everything went electronic. Yikes!! Once I get this all straightened out, I should make the stress worth while and do a bunch of traveling.

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    • Thanks Anne – appreciate your thoughts and note! Wishing you safe travels and a special time in beautiful Paris. One place I missed and would love to visit next time is the Monet Gardens in Giverny. It looks lovely and peaceful. Traveling is stressful in the beginning but the experience is a lifelong rewarding memory. Enjoy!


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