Comfort at the Beach

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul” – Robert Wyland

This is my first post since being in COVID quarantine.  I’ve journaled several times but haven’t mustered the motivation to write something for my blog.  During this pandemic, we’ve had no or limited access to the beach.  The first day it opened up I went at 7:30 in the morning only to find swarms of kids surfing and skim boarding.  The beach buzzed with a crazy number of people happy to be there.  I promptly headed back home.

Today when I discovered the tide was low which would give more space to walk, I ventured down again.  It took a couple attempts to find a nearly secluded spot.  I kicked off my flip flops and made a bee-line to the ocean.  The cool water felt so soothing.  I strolled slowly along the beach savoring every moment of the waves while feeling my feet squish in the sand.

It was a great moment to exhale letting go of recent worries.  I soaked up the sunshine and playfulness of people enjoying time with their children and dogs.  Some sat in meditation.  Others played squash ball, swam and picked up shells.  I passed by our favorite bar on the beach reliving memories of laughter, lunches and dinners with Peach on the Beach martinis.  Inspiration and creativity comes to us in unique ways now and changes day to day. I’m continuously grateful for many things including the ocean which always stirs my heart.

5 thoughts on “Comfort at the Beach

  1. I totally understand. I’ve lived near the beach most of my life. I may not go in the water, but I draw strength and energy from all the variations of the beach vibe.

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  2. And that is a beautiful summary of why so many on us choose to relocate here. Thanks for the memory.

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  3. I’m more of an on the water, rather than in the water person myself. However, I love the sound of the waves, enjoy the colors they dredge up, and even get a kick out of the noise humans make while enjoying the beach, whether ocean or sea themselves. Yes, we have to take care right now with Covid. Thankfully, we can still view beaches online, and use our imagination.


    • Hi Jen-
      Thank you for your note. I appreciate your talent for writing and thoughtful notes. I just read your bio and see you like to ride waves on a Yamaha. That sounds like fun! I ride one on a lake once. I like cruising on a boat with the wind in your hair. I actually mustered courage to swim in the ocean this past weekend since the waves were gentle. The water was chilly with warm patches. It’s good to find things that bring us joy during this crazy time. Enjoy some of your favorite things! 🙂 Michelle

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