”Sometimes the things we can’t change end up changing us.” – Unknown

I’m going for a walk at the beach next week with a friend I’ve only seen once since COVID. On our last visit, we both said one of the hardest things about this challenging year is not getting together with friends. Thankfully we have phone calls, FaceTime and Zoom sessions to keep us in touch. I appreciate being able to connect, see faces, smiles and expressions but it doesn’t compare to being with someone physically.

While it has been a frustrating year not gathering with friends, attending events, engaging in regular activities, it’s also given us the reward of spending quality time with family. Fortunately, my spouse retired this past year so we’ve enjoyed sleeping in late, sipping tea and coffee while reading, making meals together, comparing exercise accomplishments, watching movies and playing games. We appreciate the calming, safe haven of our home when we’ve needed to shelter there. I sometimes wonder with our new relaxing routine how or if we’ll go back to a busy social life.

Many of us have said there will be a new normal. More people will continue working from home. Business travel will most likely decrease. There’s been a shift in businesses moving to a virtual platform reaping benefits including worldwide interaction and cutting costs. Change gives us a chance to evaluate life and embrace opportunities that enable us to grow and thrive in a new way.