Acts of Kindness

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It’s hard not to get overwhelmed feeling a sense of despair by what’s going on in the world. Our hearts are broken every day hearing about violence.

49 crosses

What brings us peace is the abundant flow of kind acts to bring comfort, encouraging more kindness. It’s like the power of paying it forward. The tragic loss of forty-nine lives in Orlando moved people to spread love and hope.  One 65-year man, Greg Zanis built 49 crosses by himself, then drove 1,200 miles to place them in front of the Orlando Health Medical Center to honor those who died.  His message is: “love your brother, love your neighbor.  Don’t judge them.”

Orlando residents handed out food and water to police, 5,300 people donated blood, Christian West Howard who owns several rental properties in the area offered the victim’s families a free place to stay, Go Fund Me websites were created and donated to. The list goes on.

Human chain

When we join together, we become a powerful link. I recently saw a video of a dog being rescued from rushing waters in a reservoir.  One man slid down a wall to get the dog.  Then he and his friends formed a human chain to bring the dog to safety.  Amazing proof of the power of kindness and joining together!

Here’s the video: