When to say Yes or No

“Live in the Sunshine, Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last Friday, clouds loomed looking like it could rain any minute. I needed a walk on the beach to soak up energy from the ocean. When I stepped outside, it started to sprinkle. Oh, there goes my walk I thought. My adventurous side kicked in and said, are you kidding? It’s a perfect time to go.

Bundled in a hoodie and scarf, the wind whipped my hair while seagulls suspended in air catching a free ride on the current. Waves crashed over rocks. The sun peeked out long enough to create sparkles on the water. Saying Yes to an out of the ordinary experience pulls us from our comfort zone, opening our perception and new opportunities.

I just talked with a friend about knowing when to say No. We both decided when we no longer enjoy something, need a break from commitments, or want to do something different are all times to say No. As we move forward in life, we realize the benefits of doing things that make us happy, taking time for ourselves, and drinking the wild air.

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