Thoughts are Powerful

“You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.” – Wayne DyerLeap of Faith

Our mind and thoughts are powerful. The placebo effect is an example.  If you believe something is making you feel better it will.  A positive, determined spirit is the first critical step of the healing process.  There are countless stories of people who willed themselves to live, fight disease and make miraculous recoveries.

The personal stories of Paralympics athletes prove the amazing things you can do when you believe it’s possible. Mike Schultz lost most of one leg in a snowmobiling accident. He not only raced in the X Games afterwards, he built himself a better prosthetic leg to allow him to motocross race. That’s determination!  He won a gold medal snowboarding this year.

At nineteen, Amy Purdy lost both legs from bacterial meningitis. Since then she won a bronze medal snow boarding in Sochi, won runner up on Dancing with the Stars, wrote a book: On My Own Two Feet, and won a silver medal this year despite suffering from a serious health condition in her arms leading up to the games.

There are countless other inspiring stories like these. Keep your thoughts positive and believe in the power to make them your reality.

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